Sato and Associates


We, Sato and Associates, provide the following intellectual property related services.

  • Consultation, application, and search regarding intellectual property rights such as patents, utility models, designs, trademarks (service marks), circuit layout, and copyrights.
  • Registration of transfer, merger, license, right of use, pledge, trust, etc. for industrial property rights.
  • Registration of transfer, pledge, trust, etc. of copyrights, neighboring rights, and publication rights, and representation of applications for registration of the date of creation of program works.
  • Assisting in expert opinions, oppositions, trials, judgments and actions to revoke trial decisions, assisting in patent infringement litigation, assisting in trademark infringement litigation.
  • Representation of applications for import injunctions under the Customs Tariff Act.
  • Negotiation and representation of contracts for the sale and purchase of intellectual property or technical secrets, exclusive license, non-exclusive license, exclusive right to use, and non-exclusive right to use, and other contracts relating to intellectual property.
  • Arbitration of international dispute cases.
  • Preparation and negotiation of contracts relating to domestic and foreign transactions.
  • Legal research related to foreign intellectual property.
  • Filing applications for patents, designs and trademarks to foreign countries, including international patent applications and international registration applications.
  • Searching for domestic and foreign patents, designs and trademarks.
  • Legal translation including patent translation, copyright contracts and general contracts.
  • Advice on naming.
  • Consultation on United States intellectual property law and related laws.
  • Negotiation of contracts related to foreign intellectual property and negotiation of contracts and selection of foreign attorneys or law firms.
  • Consulting and representing clients in applications for trademark registration before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, changes in registered matters, filing of proof of use, representing clients in renewal proceedings of United States trademarks, and representing clients in opposition and appeal cases.

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